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Obvious Power: Getting to Know-How

Obvious Power: Getting to Know-How

INCLUDES 25 EVERYDAY HABITUDES THAT TURN YOUR THOUGHTS INTO ACTION. Many of us have come to understand that we are indeed spiritual beings, which means of course we are energetic beings. Energy is not separated from itself so the expansion of our awareness as energy beings is not only possible but inevitable. OBVIOUS POWER is about the energy mechanisms which already exist in everyone. By starting where we are, we can step beyond comfort and safety into conscious co-creation. This opens us to new awareness which opens us to new energy. Yes, even though on the surface OBVIOUS POWER is about self-improvement, happiness, habits and attitudes, it is also about the energy within and how our awareness of this energy along with the use of tools such as Habitudes empower each of us to grow and evolve gracefully in a world that is constantly changing.

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It's So Easy When You Know How

It's So Easy When You Know How

by Harry Morgan Moses. Larry Dossey, M. D. Author of Healing Words, Meaning and Medicine, Recovering the Soul, and Space, Time and Medicine. "This book is about long-term happiness. It's about understanding ourselves and becoming comfortable in our own body, in our own time."

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Sea of the Self

In our natural state, Peace, Harmony and Joy pulsate to the rhythms of our Being. In order to access this natural state, we must become still. Psychology, spirituality and medical science all agree meditation is the tool to separate us from the stresses of everyday life. This CD will help you fall into the gap between thoughts, the pathway to your meditation practice, and is available through our Online Store for -

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Embracing the New Normal

In this powerful four-lesson series, discover new ways to live and embrace "The New Normal". Health, wealth, love & purpose. Discover the operating power of Unconditional Love. Rise up to your Higher Self and to your transcendent life. This 2 CD set is available through our Online Store for -

$24.95.  Add $3.00 for shipping and handling

Thee Paths to the Infinite

In this dynamic 3-lesson series, learn about the newest insights and discover how Spirituality, Science and Psychology are pointing toward the same place - origins of the true Creative Process. This 3 CD set is available through our Online Store for -

$24.95.  Add $3.00 for shipping and handling

Science of Mind Science of Mind for EVERYTHING

by Harry Morgan Moses. Dr. Harry gave four talks on The Science Of Mind For Everything, relating this teaching to Wholeness, Wealth, Love and Purpose in life. This information, delivered with Dr. Harry's wonderful style, is a refreshing, informative, and inspiring look at the simplicity with which we can improve our life experience: worth listening to again and again. This set of CD's is available through our Online Store.

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